CCMRD Members

The industry leaders who are members of the CCMRD.

Industry Leaders

The Boeing Company (Chicago, Illinois)

The Boeing Company is the largest OEM of commercial, military aircraft and spacecraft in the world. Boeing is looking for partnerships and technology / manufacturing solutions in Canada. Boeing is committed to support technical projects in Canada through the CCMRD for military and commercial applications utilizing Boeing Research and Technology organization as well as Boeing Canada Operations Limited in Winnipeg.

Convergent Manufacturing Technologies (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Convergent Manufacturing Technologies Inc. is a world-leading provider of composite process modeling software and services. Process simulation, or the ‘Virtual Manufacturing’ of composite structures, is now a proven technology and has been demonstrated as a valuable tool in the development of many commercial composite structures and processes.

Magellan Aerospace Limited, Winnipeg Division (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Magellan Aerospace has 80 years of history in the aviation and aerospace industry and a reputation for manufacturing quality products defect free and in conformance with customer requirements. Magellan has extensive manufacturing capabilities including composite design, manufacturing and inspection.

Consortium Members

ASCO (Delta, British Columbia)

Asco Aerospace Canada Ltd. (Delta , British Columbia) a division of Asco Industries based in Brussels Belgium. Asco is a world class supplier of design and manufacture of high lift structures, complex mechanical assemblies and major functional components. Asco has as its customer base all the leading commercial and Military OEM aircraft manufacturers and supplies both build to specification and build to print solutions.


Avcorp offers integrated composite and metallic aircraft structures to aircraft manufacturers, providing a distinct advantage for new aircraft designs, which require lower-cost, light-weight, strong, reliable structures.

PCM Innovation

PCM is a world class leader in services for product innovation and development. Our focus is prototype parts, molds and specialty tooling for advanced composites in aerospace applications. As a one-stop integrated solution provider, PCM has developed expertise in complex project management and very large tools. Our state of the art 5 axis machining technologies allows us to manufacture precision hard metal tooling as well as carbon composite molds. PCM is AS-9100, ISO-9000 and CWB certified and also registered with the Canadian military – Controlled Goods, US-ITAR and NATO-Cage Code.

Composites Innovation Centre

The Composites Innovation Centre (CIC) is a not-for-profit technology centre based in Winnipeg, Manitoba focused on supporting the composite manufacturing sector. The CIC supports the management of the CCMRD y providing personnel / resources and serves as a technical and project management resource on many of the CCMRD’s projects.

Composites Research Network

The Composites Research Network (CRN) is a knowledge creation, translation and application network. The primary mission of the CRN is to support and grow the composites industry and supply chain in Western Canada and beyond, by improving capabilities in design, manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul. It does this by bringing together academic and industry knowledge to solve specific challenges.

National Research Council Canada

The National Research Council Canada is Canada’s premier government aerospace research organization whose broad mandate includes aerospace composite manufacturing technology development. Via its Ottawa facility and the Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Centre in Montreal, NRC is active in the CCMRD performing as Technology Advisor to the CCMRD Technology Committee and as a technical resource on many of the CCMRD’s projects.

Red River College

Red River College is Manitoba’s largest institute of applied learning with over 200 full-time and part-time programs across nine campuses in Manitoba. They over continuing and distance education with state-of- the-art facilities and instructors with industry expertise.


The Government of Canada

The Government of Canada has provided financial support to the operation of the CCMRD through the Composites Innovation Centre and to the CCMRD projects through direct support to the CCMRD.

The Province of Manitoba

The Province of Manitoba has provided financial support to the operation and projects of the CCMRD through the Composites Innovation Centre.