Potential Members

How to become a CCMRD member.

The CCMRD and its members are interested in new members committed to contributing to the CCMRD mandate and that complement the capabilities and interests of the existing members.  Interested parties are asked to provide an expression of interest to the Director of External Relationships:

Sean McKay, Director, External Relations

Canadian Composites Manufacturing R&D Inc.

158 Commerce Drive
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3P 0Z6

Tel.:  (204) 262-3400 Ext 202
Fax: (204) 262-3409

E-mail: smckay@ccmrd.ca

Application Process

The following is a summary of the CCMRD new member application process.

  1. Upon expression of interest by a potential new member, the Director of External Relationships will provide information to assist the candidate organization in deciding whether to formally request consideration for membership.
  2. In order to formally request consideration for membership, the candidate organization will be asked to complete a brief membership application form.
  3. The CCMRD will complete an assessment of the potential new member using a standardized approach and provide a recommendation to the existing members regarding the potential member’s request.
  4. The CCMRD’s existing members will decide whether to accept the potential new member.
  5. The Director of External Relationships will inform the potential new member of the decision.  If membership is approved, the new member will be required to review and sign the Articles of Collaboration of the CCMRD and pay their membership fees to finalize membership.

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